Protecting what’s good
since 1972

Producing from locally to globally since 1972.

Coopbox has always focused on people and the environment with a development model that has allowed us to become one of the biggest European players in the food packaging sector.

Here at Coopbox, the values of transparency, safety and respect for nature and people are combined with design for high-quality, innovative results.

This is why we work every day to find the best solutions for preserving fresh food, keeping the same properties and flavour. Because taking care of your food means taking care of you.

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Transparent, colourful, contoured, hard or biodegradable? Choose your favourite Coopbox packaging solution!

Many flavours. Plenty of solutions

We value your products, keeping them fresh for longer while enhancing how they look. Discover the right Coopbox line for your needs!

Del sushi
Una bistecca
Una forma di formaggio con uno spicchio tagliato
Una mano che sostiene una cloche
Un gelato in coppetta con ciliegina e biscotto
Ice cream
Un muffin
Baked goods
Un peperone e una mela
Fruit and vegetables
Un piatto di spaghetti
Ready meals
Due ravioli italiani
Fresh pasta
Un gamberetto
Un salame
Cured meats

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