Coopbox: advanced packaging

Coopbox Group makes plastic packs for packaging fresh and very fresh foods. Its ongoing research into materials and technology has helped it expand its range of products, from expanded polystyrene trays to draining solutions for absorbing liquids and the most advanced trays with a gas barrier for modified atmosphere packaging.

Coopbox product lines are designed to meet the widest range of needs while fully respecting the environment.

Research and development

A new challenge every day. We are constantly improving to develop packaging for the food industry, large-scale retail, bakeries, ice cream parlours and the sale of fruit and vegetables, meat and fish products.

Safety, efficiency, quality and innovation are the values that have inspired our choices for fifty years. Because for us, taking care of your food means taking care of you.

We invest in R&D by working with major international brands.

We follow our customers throughout every phase, from design to prototypes and starting production, offering our expertise with films, machinery, food and packaging technology, laboratory instruments and packaging lines for shelf-life tests.



Starting production

Our commitment to the circular economy

Coopbox believes in the values and principles of the Circular Economy which it embraces by designing and managing company processes, from the supply chain to product development and manufacturing: it is a constant, tangible commitment achieved in various projects.


All’interno di PRO-XPS, associato a PRO FOOD/UNIONPLAST, dal 2019 Coopbox ha ridisegnato la propria filiera produttiva e i propri prodotti allo scopo di puntare alla piena riciclabilità dei contenitori in XPS immettendo sul mercato vaschette da polimeri riciclati.

Il progetto PRO-XPS persegue i seguenti obiettivi

To design the first Italian circular economy supply chain for XPS.
To release the first line of XPS containers onto the market, made from recycled material from separate waste collection in Italy.
To significantly reduce its environmental impact thanks to a lightweight XPS container made from 90% air.
To create circular supply chain closed projects with several major retailers and brand owners on the Italian market.

rPET mono-material for MAP packaging

Coopbox has used its experience in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for protein foods to develop a recycled and recyclable PET tray.

Made from used trays and bottles, the new 100% rPET trays can in turn be fully recycled into new food trays.


Glopack is a European project involving 16 partners with the goal of developing food packaging innovations over the three-year period 2018-2021.

This project is aiming for fully sustainable solutions by combining three key complementary elements.

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Bio-circular packaging

By converting agri-food residues (PHA and lignocellulosic fibres) used in food packaging, such as bio-composite films and hard/semi-hard trays.

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Active packaging

With O2 scavengers and volatile antimicrobial emitters with an RH-activated release mechanism to improve the preservation of foods and shelf-lives without additives.

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Deterioration indicators

Glopack is a European project involving 16 partners with the goal of developing food packaging innovations over the three-year period 2018-2021.

Coopbox has three tasks on the Glopack team

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To establish the technological and market specifications for active and smart materials.

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To conduct preliminary validation tests of the RFID biosensor in controlled atmosphere conditions.

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To increase the production, testing and development of thermoformed active packaging.

Do you have any special requirements?

Our laboratory instruments and packaging lines are at your disposal.