Ice cream packaging

Only the best hygiene and ergonomic design for our lines
of containers designed for ice cream parlours and bakeries!

From more classic containers to thermoformed ones right up to innovative NaturGel eco-friendly packaging: here are all our products so you can fully savour ice cream and drinks!

Funny Gel is the take-away ice cream container that livens up your dinner table, without compromising on convenience, safety and a thermal seal.


A high level of hygiene, functionality and ergonomics are guaranteed by bonding the container with crystal polystyrene film.


An attractive design, a heat-sealed film, ease of use and a high heat capacity: the perfect containers for carrying and preserving ice cream.


A classic line for ice cream, whose main feature is convenience. Easy products to use guaranteed by Coopbox’s experience.


Innovative eco-friendly packaging made with a top-quality biopolymer. 100% compostable, breaks down in the compost.


Think big! BigGel guarantees functionality and protection in a new large size for you to enjoy while out on a stroll.


A line of pure cellulose polycoated cardboard with top-quality bright four-colour printing, suitable for any type of sweet treat!


Perfect for granitas, drinks and milkshakes, the glasses and lids in this line are available in PET or customisable polycoated cardboard.


100% biodegradable and compostable glasses and cups made from pure cellulose bonded with a biopolymer film made from renewable sources.


NaturDrink is a line of PLA glasses and lids, a 100% natural and transparent polymer. Sturdy, unbreakable, lightweight and environmentally-friendly.


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