Peppers and courgettes cooked in a pan

Expanded polystyrene packaging

Excellent mechanical strength, perfect welding
to films, highly effective barrier effect.

Traditional expanded polystyrene trays are an irreplaceable friend of the food industry. Trays are excellent for modified atmosphere packaging and guarantee brilliant food storage.

Sausages and pasta

AERpack barrier trays are the perfect partners in the modified atmosphere packaging process for products.


Cheese and apple

AERdry trays combine modified atmosphere technology with the absorbent properties of a draining tray.


Fish and cutlet

A traditional line of expanded polystyrene trays with over 50 models and a wide range of colours to meet the most various uses.


Shrimp and chicken

Extra-lightweight line of XPS trays with draining properties. It minimises the environmental impact and maximises convenience.


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Chocolate cake

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