R-XPS: the new expanded polystyrene tray that guarantees food safety and is kind to the environment

May 10, 2021

The European Commission has clearly indicated the strategic objective of a new, greener approach for the EU economies. This objective regards both the economy and the need to safeguard the environment: the aim is, on the one hand, to move towards a reduction in the emissions caused by manufacturing activity, and on the other, to urge industry to rise to technological challenges able to strike a better balance between production and respect for nature. This is a challenge that marks a new era, and it’s one we’re all called upon to play a part in.

Coopbox is ready to step up to the plate, with the development of R-XPS: a new line of trays with a lower environmental impact, aimed at retail chains and the food industry.

Made from expanded polystyrene, the trays have a distinctive A-B-A structure, in which, sandwiched between two sheets of virgin XPS, is a layer of expanded polystyrene produced by Versalis Revive from domestic separate waste collection, containing 75% recycled plastic.

Thanks to this particular composition, R-XPS trays are made up to 50% recycled PS, and guarantee perfect compatibility in contact with food.

The light weight for the same size typical of XPS trays, combined with its specific characteristics, make the R-XPS kinder to the environment, with a smaller carbon footprint, and they are also extremely advantageous in economic terms, because they allow for a saving on the Plastic TAX and the CONAI Environmental Contribution.

The result of a research project that saw the collaboration of Versalis and Pro Food Italia, in the attempt to create more sustainable plastic packaging able to play a virtuous role in the circular economy supply chain, R-XPS has now become a product that broadens the Coopbox range. It is available in all the main formats, for companies seeking an innovative, eco-sustainable packaging.