New recyclable cardboard packs for major retail chains and the food industry

July 5, 2021

The Coopbox range of recyclable cardboard packs derives from the company’s desire to broaden its offer of green products for its major retail chain and food industry customers, with packaging able to meet the needs of all those companies that choose cardboard to pack their products.
Coopbox seeks the finest materials to guarantee its customers containers able to effectively protect and show the food they contain. This is why it is now offering this new line of food packaging able to preserve products from external agents and prevent it from deteriorating, ensuring it keeps perfectly in all conditions.
This innovative assortment of trays is particularly adaptable, making the containers suitable for chilled products, for supermarkets and for restaurant take-aways.
The green quality of these packs is evident in the attention paid to their structure, which aims to produce a minimum amount of components that can be dispersed in the environment, in the use of recyclable materials and in the high quality of the plant-based raw materials from renewable sources.
In the new products in the Coopbox cardboard line, nothing is left to chance, not even the colour.
All the packaging guarantees maximum freedom for customisation and personalisation, allowing each company to brand its packs and make them recognisable in every detail.
These new Coopbox products also help reduce emissions and the environmental impact of the food industry, without any need for the consumer to go without trays that can be conveniently used in the freezer and the microwave, or for a tasty take-away.