Coopbox expands its range of eco-sustainable trays with a new pack ideal for poultry meat

September 27, 2021

Now more than ever there is an urgent need for the food industry to go green and reduce its environmental footprint by adopting environmentally sustainable and easily recyclable packaging.
To meet this urgent need for change and to support companies, Coopbox, together with its Pro Food partners and with the external support of COREPLA, VERSALIS and FOREVER PLAST, has further developed the rXPS technology.

This material, made of expanded polystyrene, contains up to 50% of recycled PS and its sandwich structure (which inserts a sheet of expanded polystyrene derived from household waste recycling between two layers of virgin XPS) guarantees perfect compatibility in contact with food.

The latest innovation adopted by this plastic comes from eco-design criteria, which have led to replacing the drainage tray in Coopbox’s New Dry® family with an rXPS tray with a recycled material and an absorbent pad at this centre.

This new structure, which is food contact compatible, is perfect for packaging poultry meat. The pad, which absorbs the liquids released by the food, does not hinder the recycling process of the tray, as it can be easily removed during washing. The tray can therefore be washed and sanitised, eliminating any organic residue.

The commitment to renew the world of food packaging must certainly continue, and with this new container in rXPS, Coopbox is already expanding its range of eco-friendly packaging that retailers and brand owners can use for stretch packaging.