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The company

Coopbox, a leader in packaging
in Europe since 1972

Coopbox has been making food packaging since 1972, enhancing the look of your products and keeping them at their best. A CCPL Group company. A leader in Italy and Europe in fresh food packaging systems, it offers many solutions for any needs while complying with applicable standards and regulations.

With over 300 employees, Coopbox Group operates in Italy and on European markets through its subsidiary, Coopbox Eastern.

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Business Office


We look after you and what you eat. We want a world with high-quality food that preserves all its good properties while respecting the environment.


We develop and make healthy, tasteful containers with packaging solutions that preserve food’s aromas and organoleptic properties. We value nutrients, flavours and the ecosystem, searching out the best solutions for every type of fresh food.

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Work values

The values of transparency, safety, and social and environmental responsibility are combined with design for high-quality, innovative results. Coopbox focuses on people, culture and solidarity with a development model that meets modern challenges in the best traditions of the cooperative world.

We have been a leading company in the packaging sector for almost 50 years with production plants and business offices all over Europe. We want to keep offering our customers the best, paying particular attention to the needs of the food industry and our planet.
Here at Coopbox, we realise individuals’ potential, enhancing the special features of an environment that lets everyone in the group take part.
Coopbox looks after the environment by supporting research into biodegradable and compostable materials. It is also committed to reducing waste, thanks to recovery processes that help improve production sustainability.
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Doing business responsibly

Here at Coopbox, we produce responsibly by making sustainable packaging. We aim to use the most recycled materials we can. We plan to reuse resources and engage consumers in the circular economy.

We are determined to make our production ever better for society and our environment and we do this every day in line with the principles of the Circular Economy.

The Circular Economy (CE)

The Circular Economy aims to overcome traditional production systems by launching new processes where resources are reused and preserved, helping generate more value for a longer period of time.

It is therefore not just about efficiency but also recovering resources throughout all phases of the product’s life-cycle.

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It is not just with catalogue products but also innovative packaging
tailor-made just for you.

We are at your service to find the best solution for your food products.